10 Great Font Alternatives to Trajan


Picture it: Greece, 480 BC. Italy, 180 AD. France, 1832. If you’re picturing them through the movie world, your inhabitants probably speak with British accents. And, in the movie world, surrounded by intricately constructed scenery and pain-painstakingly accurate props, it kind of works.

The same is true for Trajan on movie posters. Already full of character, the font manages to further absorb its surroundings and treatments to somehow work no matter the situation. From its 113 AD inspiration to its 1989 design to today, the font is a chameleon of time and place.

While it may have been supplanted by Gotham as “the everything font,” there’s no doubting Trajan’s continued strength. If you’re attracted to go all caps with a serif but want something of slightly different character, here are 10 great alternatives.

Trajan Approaches

Trajan Approaches.


JupiterSharing its Roman Empire roots, Jupiter is like a sharpened version of Trajan. It looks fantastic whether wielded alongside a broadsword or a butcher knife. To be even further impressed, explore the font’s incredible Alts and Ligatures.

Friz QuadrataUsed on the headquarters of the New York City Police Department (plus, TV’s Law & Order) and in the closing titles of Scarface, the unintimidated Friz Quadrata fits both sides of the law.

WeissUncommonly top-heavy, letters like S and B take on a seemingly upside-down balance across the font, making Weiss unexpectedly receptive to a spooky, unnerving treatment.

A Font Will Rise.

A Font Will Rise.


WarnockWarnock‘s wedge serifs add action to the font’s elegance.

IM FELL DW PicaFREE! There’s a tangible sense of history engraved into the IM FELL font family, particularly its worn IM FELL DW Pica, befitting important texts and defining victories.

BaskervilleClean, classical, and literary, Baskerville carries an air of honor and tradition. For a FREE alternative, enjoy Libre Baskerville.

PalatinoLikewise, the precise Palatino has a certain stoic quality.

Sure, you love the font.  But are you in love with it?

Sure, you love the font. But are you in love with it?


IvoryIvory (NoSwashes) flows with elegance. When paired with its swashes, the font seems ready-made for Victorian romance.

RequiemFor further elegance, consider the refined brilliance of Requiem. Not to be outdone by Ivory’s swooshes, Requiem has a decorative “cartouche” set. Even discussing such an august font makes you feel as if on the set of Frasier.

GaramondFrom the extravagant to the everyday, (Adobe) Garamond is a commonly-found font whose occasional misuse does not cancel out its enduring greatness. A highly-legible font of interesting slopes, treat Garamond well, and it will return the favor. For a FREE alternative, enjoy EB Garamond.

Many of these fonts have additional weights and endless treatments, so this is only the beginning of the vast options that await you within reach of Trajan’s charm.

Do you have a different favorite alternative? Or, do you have a favorite poster showcasing the perfect use of an all caps serif font? Better yet, do you think an alternative to Trajan is even necessary?

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  1. Nice an interresting post buddy. These are all Classic in my eyes. But I’m always on look out for great fonts.

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