10 Great Blu-ray Screen Capture Sites


Blu-ray screen captures have opened up an entirely new avenue of high-resolution film imagery to explore in your custom covers. That moment of movie magic wherein you sit back and think, “This should be the cover!” can suddenly be brought to fruition. And there’s an entire community of screen capture enthusiasts out there whose efforts can help in your pursuit.

Bluscreens (

Perhaps shining most brightly among new screen capture sites is Bluscreens. Frequently offering 50-60 shots on new releases, this may be your first and only stop necessary when gathering cover resources.

Cinema Squid (

Despite slowing down his screen capturing crusade recently, Cinema Squid‘s site remains a go-to source for 1920 x 1080 magic. On discs released from around 2011 especially, count on him for 30-40 very carefully selected stills. His expertise proved particularly invaluable to me on a custom cover for Bullitt.

Bullitt © Warner Bros.

Bullitt © Warner Bros.

Blushots (

Blushots‘ incredibly straight-forward A-Z listing will tell you within seconds whether or not he has covered your favorite film. If so, a good 30+ screen shots will be ready to greet you. ( is reliable for screen captures covering just about every Blu-ray release available. A free membership grants access to 1920 x 1080 quality, but expect occasional frustration in the form of their rather large watermark.

DoBlu (

DoBlu‘s reviews are often accompanied by 15 or so well-chosen screen captures. Their Search form can be a bit inexact, but their new release coverage is reliable and thorough.

DVDBeaver (

DVDBeaver can be valuable for Classic films in particular. Emerge from the labyrinth of links and information, and you may be awarded with 15 Blu-ray screen captures.

High Def Disc News (

Much like DVDBeaver, HighDefDiscNews can be a bit overwhelming in its presentation. Stay the course, and treasure occasionally awaits in the form of 30+ screen captures.

Land of Whimsy (

One of the progenitors of the screen capture community, this site features a deep and diverse selection. Land of Whimsy has increasingly shifted focus toward more academic pursuits, but it’s there to lean on when you’re looking for Classic and Niche titles. This site proved particularly helpful on my Psycho custom cover.

Psycho © Universal Studios

Psycho © Universal Studios (

Don’t expect to see updates on the main page, but bookmarking this site’s Archive will provide you a large collection of screen shots not covered by most newer cappers.

Google Images (

Updates to Google’s image search continue to increase its strength as a custom cover sidekick. After entering your title search, select “Search Tools” and change “Any Size” to “Exactly…” 1920 x 1080. Chances are, most results will be culled from the listings above. Every once in a while, though, the power of movie and actor fan sites will grant you hundreds of screen captures for a given film.

Additional Sites for 2016 (

If you have a specific shot in mind, you’re in luck, with thousands of screen captures spanning the full duration of each blockbuster and fan favorite chronicled on this site. (

You can decide which version of a screen capture looks best in the Fullscreen Comparisons on this site, covering a global lineup of different Blu-ray (and DVD) releases. (

Wide-ranging in title selection and unconventional in presentation, 10 or more screen captures frequently accompany each Blu-ray review within this community. (

Dedicated to screen captures in general, this site showcases many rarely-covered films but tends to do so at below full Blu-ray resolution. (

Your knowledge of French will be rewarded with 20, 40, or even upwards of 60 screen captures alongside each featured Blu-ray review here. (

Your Spanish-speaking skills will garner a small lineup of screen captures under each review on this site. (

Be on the lookout for “[Capturas Blu-ray]” when browsing user-submitted topics on this forum en español. (

Although in Polish, this site is quite English-friendly when it comes to film titles and continues that friendliness by providing 15 or so screen captures per film.

Do you have a favorite Blu-ray screen capture site – or favorite covers made from screen captures – that you’d like to share?

8 Comments on “10 Great Blu-ray Screen Capture Sites

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  2. Thanks very much for the write-up and including me on the list, i’m honoured.
    Great new site btw, look forward to seeing it grow.

  3. You bet, Ryan! Thanks for the great work you do for Blu-ray screen capture fans, film collectors, and custom cover designers!

  4. I would also like to thank you for the kind words. Hope my screencaps can be of service for all you cover makers. Btw, you’re doing some smashing covers Bunny Dojo.

  5. Thanks Tim, they’re handy to know as i didn’t know all of them and also thanks to the chaps behind the sites 😉

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